Cody S. Brothers - Continuing Exhibit
Recently featured in The Santafean magazine for his
2012 Through the Pinhole 366 work.
See a video of Cody S. Brothers 366 Pinhole here.
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Recently, he also did an article for The Observer magazine which includes new images of The Highline. Find it here.


Cody was born in Farmington, New Mexico, and grew up in Albuquerque until high school. He returned to the state in 2005 and currently resides in the village of Pecos. He and his wife Nikkol own and operate Visions Photo Lab in Santa Fe, which grants him the opportunity not only to offer custom photo services to the community, but also to personally perform every step need to complete his work; from the initial processing of the film to the mounting and finishing of the final pieces.

cody2 cody7

In expressing his narrative of “the western abandon” Cody concentrates his focus on abandoned farms, crumbling homes, neglected churches, aging cemeteries, forgotten cars and other objects, set within the vastness of the southwestern landscape. He works almost entirely with infrared film, using a range of different cameras, from a 4x5, pinhole and a 6x17 panoramic.

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The analog captures are then scanned and output as black and white digital chromogenic prints. Cody’s work is then typically finished in a more contemporary style, by mounting the large format digital print to an aluminum composite substrate that is then sealed with a UV over-lamination, eliminating the constrictive feel of traditional framing, and accentuating the wide-open landscapes.


Find out more about Cody S. Brothers here. codybros.com
or on the Cody S. Brothers information page

Also recently featured at Tomlinson Kong Contemporary in Miami 2012